Trial Advocacy Coaching

Do you sometimes feel intimidated when you are the only woman in the courtroom? Do you repeat your hearings or trials in your head trying to figure out what you could have done differently?  Do you struggle with imposter syndrome or feeling like any minute now they are going to find out you’re a fraud? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this coaching program is for you.  This program is for every woman lawyer who wants to own her courtroom.  This 6-week program tackles mindset, explains the formula needed to try every case no matter the practice area, and addresses issues of confidence and communication in the courtroom.  This is NOT your standard “group coaching” setup.  This is a one-on-one weekly conversation with one goal in mind–making you a boss trial lawyer.  Think of it as your 6 weeks to greatness!



Every trial lawyer has a unique experience, but the experience of a woman trial lawyer is nothing like her male counterpart.  Too many times, women attorneys beat themselves up because a hearing or trial didn’t go according to plan.  I created this program to put a stop to that.  This 6-week program has one purpose: to help you become confident and comfortable in every courtroom.  Work through your mindset and learn the mindset of a trial lawyer.  Learn the formula I use to try any case, anywhere.  Create templates to manage your cases from start to finish, including, for example, the elusive trial notebook. Build your confidence and gain the tools you need to own your next courtroom.

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